Septic Maintenance: The Dirty (But Necessary) Aspect of Rural Home Ownership

Earlier this week I was at a client’s home for a septic pumping, which is required by the county in conjunction with a sale. This particular system checked out great thanks to the current owner’s diligence; however, too frequently maintenance and the location of the tank are forgotten. In this instance a former occupant had poured a walkway immediately adjacent to the tank lid, making access cumbersome.

Septic maintenance is not glamorous but it’s an important aspect of rural home ownership, so don’t forget to check the tank and drainĀ field location before making home improvements. Modern systems typically have an “as-built” diagram on file with the county to assist with locating these attributes. If you need help obtaining an as-built contact me and I will provide it at no charge.

Below is a handy bulletin with points to remember about your septic system. Click the image for an enlarged version:

Posted on February 7, 2017 at 8:30 pm
John Barker | Category: Home Maintenance